Why cycling alone is the best!

Cycling with a group of friends is a lot of fun, may it be a casual ride or a planned route with your local bike club.

Now, more than ever is the time to explore riding by yourself and enjoy your own company. Here are a few reasons that riding solo is great.




You are not limited to a timeframe, how early or late you start, you can go fast or slow and you can make your trip long or short.

When you are out on your own you can do whatever you like, when you like. If you know, you never alone.

Left behind

You have no fear of getting dropped at the last minute from your cycling buddies or getting dropped by the rest of the pack. You can take it in your own stride. It must be one of the worst feelings as a cyclist to get left behind and especially when you about to hit a steep climb. If you are out of steam earlier than you predicted, you will be free to take your own time.

Get Lost

Riding alone can be incredibly meditative. There is no one to interrupt your thoughts and gives you time to recharge physically and mentally. This is valuable “me time” to get comfy with yourself.

Develop Confidence

Now that you are comfortable with yourself, it is the perfect time to focus on personal development goals. Always remember that reaching your goals is something that fosters self – reliance.

Training Plan

You can now focus on your interval splits, sprinting, or climbing. You can push yourself to your own limits. Training with no restrictions is something you can appreciate.

Stay Safe

It is all fun, but it also requires you to be more alert. Make sure you are prepared and took all the precautions and never put yourself at risk.

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