What a GPS Can Do for Mountain Bikers

You now have your mountain bike, gear, maybe upgraded your tires or replaced your brakes with something fancier. What else do you need? 

Riding your mountain bike may be for competitions or just a hobby but now you can keep track of all your routes and performances with a GPS ( Global Positioning System) cycling device.

It does not end there, as a roadie or bikepacking enthusiast you may even opt-in for one of many smartphone apps. 

You can track important data like distance, speed even altitude and much more. These devices can also give your more detail, in full colour while navigating. You will never get lost again!

What a GPS Can Do for Mountain Bikers

With so many MTB GPS computers, the market has not made it easy for your to make your decisions. 

Things you should look at before purchasing:

  • The system is uses
  • Screen size
  • The Battery Life
  • It's connectivity

This blog article aims to guide you through the top 5 GPS computers on Speedlab.shop:


What a GPS Can Do for Mountain Bikers

​​The Garmin Edge Explore is basically a cheaper option than Edge 830. With a large touchscreen and a good display. It also features the Trendline option, helping you with turn-by-turn navigation and suggests the most popular routes in your radius. Perfect for bikepacking. Another setback is that it does not provide Vo2 Max Estimation and the battery life can last up to 12 hours, which is okay.

Discover GARMIN GPS Technology.


What a GPS Can Do for Mountain Bikers

Knowing that the Garmin Edge 830 uses the same hardware and software as the Edge 1030 Plus (latest model) gives customers peace of mind.

Yes, the screen is small & the battery life is shorter but it comes and a reasonable price. If you have the cash and want to invest in a high-end device, we would recommend the Edge 830. 


What a GPS Can Do for Mountain Bikers

Does it deliver what it promises? Yes, it does. With two large buttons, it is very easy to use. Looking for a bike computer with a cadence function? This is the one for you.

The Sigman Sport BC 16 come with many fancy features and is the best used by a recreational rider. Quick to instal and ready to ride. With a battery life of around 1.5 years, the Sigman is ideal.

The Computer for commuters.


What a GPS Can Do for Mountain Bikers

This is Garmin's mid-range computer. All are controlled via side buttons and does not have a touchscreen. Viewing the maps on a smaller screen can make you lose your patience, especially to zoom left or right may not be practical for bigger fingers.

Regardless of these setbacks, with 20-hour battery life, great navigation & customised profiles per MTB disciplines, you will not regret this snazzy device.


What a GPS Can Do for Mountain Bikers

This Garmin computer is the most trendy and the market leader in GPS devices.

With a faster processor, out of this world navigation system and battery life of up to 24hours and suggest workouts per all your metrics. The Garmin Edge 1030 Plus is a home run.

This model was the model of the year in 2021 and is still the best mountain bike GPS system of 2022.

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