Taking a test ride or two before investing in a new bike helps ensure you get one that's right for you.

The only thing that really matters about any bike that you own or are planning to own, is that you like it. If you feel it's suitable for what you're using it for and you enjoy riding it, that's what counts.

Speedlab.Shop is a part of the Silverback and S-electro Bikes brand family. Buying a bicycle is a big decision. If you haven't tried it before, or are undecided on what you are looking for, give it a go first by visiting the Speedlab.Shop Store in Nürtingen near Stuttgart.

We’re offering our customers a chance to take advantage of our new initiative ‘Travel & Buy' allowing you to test drive any Silverback or S-Electro Bike and assisting you with an individual set up of the bicycle or offering the customised specification solution and building the dream bike by our professional mechanic “handmade assembly in Germany” as per customer’s wish in our headquarter in Germany. 

When we know what you’ll be using the bike for and how much you intend to spend, we can steer you towards the most suitable bikes to try. 

We can also put you on the right size bike and set up the bike correctly for you.


PHOTO: Silverback S-Electro SKID

Once the sale takes place at our facility of any bicycle with the value of 1000 Euro or more, we will cover your travel expenses back and forth by train within Germany in the second class. 

The customer just needs to show us the proof of purchase of their ticket at the counter before making the payment for the bicycle. Cool hey?

Even if you decide to use one of our bike leasing options to help you with your purchase, we will still cover your commute fee. 

Sounds Great! How can I take advantage of “Travel & Buy”?

1. Please get in touch with us via 07022 9777818 or write us an email: informing us about the date and time you want to visit us and the model of bikes you are interested in. 

2. Wait for our confirmation.

3. Book 2 ways train tickets in the second class allowing yourself 2-3 hours for testing time. 

4. Upon your arrival, the dedicated sales person will be waiting for you with a small welcoming drink and will start a tour around the facility and spend time with you showing you different models and assisting you with the testing process. 

3. Head off into the roads or our picturesque yard to enjoy the bike of your choosing. Make sure to experiment with the functionality of the bike and take note of what you do and don’t like.

4. Come back after 5-10 minutes and we will use your knowledge to find the perfect bicycle for you or you may just be ready to purchase.

How to purchase your bike?

We accept EC cards, cash, bank immediate transfer at our showroom to make your bike purchase simple.

Alternatively, we do have different leasing options to help you financially.

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