Stress: Can cycling make a difference?

The one thing that keeps us off our bikes is the same thing that should be making us cycle more: Stress.

We all feel it from time to time or every day and even more now that we are all going through a global pandemic.

It is important to find the best stress buster which studies shows, cycling or exercising.

Stress causes high blood pressure, poor lifestyle habits, heart disease, and more.  So, making time during stressful times is not only essential for your stress but for your mental health as well.

It has been proven with many studies that working out helps reduce the bad health effect of stress. Yes, while working out it also adds stress to our bodies, but it deals with stress in a way that was meant to be dealt with. Sounds odd, we know.


Here are 4 ways to beat stress:

Enjoy Life: Remember as a kid we use to do anything not to do homework and rather be outside with your friends on your bike? It is time to apply it to our adult life as well.
Whether you are a ride with your friends to a coffee shop or alone, make it more than of an exercise and make it fun.
Use cycling as meditation:  In classical meditation, focusing on your pedal stroke can block out stress and worries. It helps the brain release stress in the same way as meditating.
Show Nature some love: Get out and spend time with nature. Of course, commuting to work through busy roads and traffic is anything but stress full. Putting your body into natural elements Is a fantastic way to reduce stress and focus on what is around you.
Do something to increase confidence: In our lives, we do so many respective tasks where we feel that we have no control over our success. Moving up in the pack or conquering a tough hill are all great stress relievers. So, when it comes to your bike you are In Control.

In many ways, cycling can do your body good and there is evidence of fit people to have a less extreme physiological response when under pressure. This means that fit people can handle the effects of stress better without suffering from bad health.

In addition, this will help regulate cholesterol, higher levels of happy chemicals. So, if you are feeling down and frazzled whether it is caused by the global pandemic – consider getting a bike or getting on your bike that is collecting dust and head out for an easy bike ride. You will be glad you did it.


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Stress: Can cycling make a difference?

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