9 Ways To Improve You Climbing

There are no shortcut or magic tricks when the road kicks ups. Many cyclists struggle on uphills but with dedication and following these few steps, anyone can do it, with a smirk.

For starters, happy thoughts help. Research has shown that looking at an uphill raises stress levels. This is wasting your energy, so shift into an easier gear, breathe & relax before you head up.


Up your speed!

STAND OR SIT? Siting while climbing is more efficient as you lose about 10-15 watts of power when you stand, so you need to expend more energy to maintain a good pace. Want maximum acceleration for attack? You will need to stand.

BODYWEIGHT – We know! We know! We all dislike to hear it. It is just one of the things you cannot throw money at. Off the bike training is just as important for any body goals you would like to achieve.

PRACTICE – As they say, practice makes perfect. The more hills you tackle the better you will get at them. It is best to seek out for the hilliest routes you can find, cause when the road kicks in it will always be a fight.

PACING – is one of the main keys to climbing success. On shallower gradients and longer climbs, the correct pacing will help you reach the top.

SHIFTING – a well-known mistake cyclist do is staying in the same gear too long when climbing. Stay focus and do not forget to shift to keep your cadence up.

Almost There!

GEARING – The professionals do it, so can you. Going up a steep climb in a big gear is not only inefficient on your energy, but it will also slow you down. Professionals cyclist use compact sets on mountain stages along with a wide-ranging rear cassette.


BIKE & KIT – Minimizing weight off your bike and kit can help you but can also turn into an expensive passion. Upgrading your wheels will give you the utmost performance for your money.

Another effective way is to decrease your weight is your water bottles. This all boils down to planning your ride or race.

FUELLING – It is essential to fuel up correctly before and during any long race, rides, or hill session. Remember that your body is like a sponge, the more you drink the better your body can perform. Stay hydrated because it helps your body stay cooler for longer as well.

POSITION - Sit as far back in the saddle as possible when climbing to give you maximum power and traction. When standing, do not slump onto your bar. You will unweight your rear wheel, causing it to spin out and throw away perfectly good energy. Rather stand as erect as possible, with your arms straight and your hips forward, and drive straight down into your pedals. Never climb in the drops.

We will never be mountain goats, but all riders can improve their ability to climbing. If you are more of a powerful cyclist, then try playing your strength in races and challenges that are suited to you. Remember to think like a climber! Picture yourself as a great climber and in the perfect form and before you know it you’ll have made it to the top.

9 Ways To Improve You Climbing

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