Riding a fat bike to work is my secret to happiness


Since 2015 Anni decided to drop the four wheels and pick up the two wheels. Her Silverback Scoop helps her keep fit and be happy.

“I have positive energy at work which makes happy,” says Anni.

26-Year-Old, Anni Kassuk lives in the largest city in Finland. This seaside port city is too large to be a village and too small to be a metropolis. The capital, Helsinki, is a very culturally active place to visit and a good place to ride your bicycle.

Anni was convinced on FatBike Day in 2017 to get herself new wheels. Riding has always been a hobby of hers since she was a little girl. Helsinki has given her many compliments: “Nice bike”, “Look at that bike” & “is it hard to cycle with FatBike?” from bystanders.

She works 9,5km from home & wakes up every morning or a bit later in the day depending on her shift. With a cup of coffee and eats her breakfast like any other young professional. She does not follow any diet plans-she just hops on her bike and enjoys the fresh air.

Having a job that requires her to work shifts did not discourage her from cycling to work 5 days a week. Previously, she was living 1,5km from her work which was a breeze until they relocated her.

Her household owns three bicycles, a Silverback Scoop Single, Silverback Scoop Double, and another mountain bike. Having many routes to pick from all depends on what time she starts work.

Anni throwing up the peace sign.


Anni & her Scoop Single would take a short trip on the train to work and cycle home.

When she has time to spare, Anni would take a ride through the forest and mountain bike tracks just for fun, sometimes alternating routes by riding along the railway.

Her Silverback Scoop rides over asphalt and dirt roads for a few miles, “I haven’t had any official problems with my Silverback so I never needed to take it for a service,” says Anni.

Anni’s route to work on her Silverback Delight
Selfie, commute, Silverback fat bike
Dependent on the weather, she may use a train as well.

Having a healthy hobby that gets you places was not a hard decision for Anni. 

Every Thursday Anni and five other friends would meet up to cycle for fun and shred some tails, however, she would still use her FatBike to commute. Who said a FatBike is not good enough to get to work?

Silverback scoop delight, handlebars
Her fatbike travel over all different terrains on her way to work


Anni loves her bike and needed to customize her wheels to suit her personality, “I changed the Bulldozer tires to tubeless Jumbo Jims, I changed my rim strips to neon pink strips and changed the flat handlebar to 25mm riser bars,” said Anni.

Her decision for a FatBike also originated from her taking part in a FatBike tour where she had an E-Bike at the time. She was offered to try out a Silverback FatBike and once she started pedaling she knew immediately what she wanted.

At home, she displays her Silverback Scoop Single on a dresser in the living room. She takes good care of her bicycle & even steps in the shower with her Fatty after a muddy ride.

Silverback Delight, Fat Bike
The 2017 Silverback Delight Fat Bike


Anni used to ride her old mountain bike to work & used her Silverback Scoop for mountain biking only.

Anni’s experience is that her Silverback Scoop Single provides excellent traction on all terrains, this made the bicycle an excellent choice for the different weather conditions Helsinki has to offer.

Fortunately, her workplace has showers for her to take a quick splash before her shift starts.

Anni’s wish is to see the world encouraging commuting to work on bicycles and hopes that more girly components would be made for bikes in the future.

Silverback Scoop, fat bike, commute
Fully Kitted for her trip to work.

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Get out & Ride! #BornToBeFast

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