Indoor training for beginners

Boost your fitness by getting the right space and training equipment.

You may be new to the world of indoor cycling and it is okay to feel overwhelmed by the wide range of pricey equipment and accessories.

Cycling outdoor is always best but it is not always possible to get outside. Training inside gives you the opportunity to boost your fitness levels when it is difficult to head out

Besides boosting your fitness levels, it is also not weather dependent, convenient, time-efficient, and plus you will not have a dirty bike. The bonus is you can improve your speed, cardiovascular fitness, and stamina.

The main goal is always to be consistent. Here is your passport to smart training:

Find the right training space:

You can go big or just find a quiet place at home that has some space. You will need enough space, bike size and a table in front of you.
People tend to turn out their whole garage into their home gym. Any space will do.

Pick your trainer type:

There are a few options if you are a beginner. A turbo or smart trainer will be ideal to start off. These are the most common and range in price to high end trainers.


They fit onto your bike with a skewer through the rear axle and the back wheels rest against the cylinder.


These will have a cassette attached to the trainer where you will need to remove the rear wheel. Smart trainers have a more realistic feel when pedaling.

smart trainer - speedlab

Get the right accessories:

Make sure you have a bottle of water in close reach. Once you have that we will advise to have a fan because there is no wind to keep you cool and even on a cold day you will produce a lot of heat. Lastly, a matt will do you good if your floor is slippery and it will protect your floor.

Find the perfect work out:

Hop on, play some tunes, or even catch up on some shows but a targeted work will be more efficient. You can search the world wide web for short or longer turbo or smart trainer work outs and some high intensity interval training sessions.

As a cyclist you must have heard of the virtual cycling app called Zwift. These apps can help you to motivate you and structure a proper riding session.

Test yourself and repeat:

Set a goal and work towards it. You do not need to go full gas for one hour, but it is good to check your fitness to ensure you reaching smaller goals too.

Figure out how often you will train:

This boils down to lifestyle and preference. Morning or evenings? The best bet is to set up a routine that will help you motivate yourself.

Doing something is better than doing nothing – so even starting off with a 30 minute session about 3 times a week and you already off to a good start.



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