How to Ride an Electric Mountain Bike

Once you have found your trail, you will need to ride your pedal assist e-bike slightly differently than your standard mountain bike.

Riders often switch to an e-bike to extend their riding options, such as longer rides, steeper trails, or simply riding their favourite trails twice!

If you are searching for a new bike, a new e-MTB and want to learn more about the Silverback S-Electro range battery efficiency then reading this article will help you.

Following are some additional tips for riding an electric mountain bike.

Faster Cadence

Rear-wheel torque is determined by a variety of revolutions per minute (RPM) and power delivered to the drivetrain. A higher RPM will require less power to deliver the same torque, much like conventional cycling. Increasing your cadence is a sure way to reduce the power demand from the e-motor, ultimately extending battery life.  

Turbo Power

It is not advisable to ride your e-MTB at the highest power setting, as this will drain your battery very quickly. Save it for the steepest climbs on the trail

Brake Earlier

Your e-MTB now includes a motor and battery which makes your bicycle faster and heavier, so braking earlier on your turns will help you dump speed. While you are carrying speed, lean over more on your turns.

As assistance slows when you pedal and stops altogether when you stop pedaling, you also have to be more aware of where you want to carry momentum. Keep your cadence up when you approach an uphill (so you don't stall) or a berm (so you can slingshot around it).

Go Tubeless

With today's mountain bikes, tubeless is now a permanent fixture, just as it is with cars. In most cases, bikes are sold tubeless-ready, which means they run with sealant in the tires rather than tubes - and this greatly reduces the likelihood of punctures puncturing. Another advantage is the reduction in weight and the ability to ride with lower tire pressures, which increases grip and comfort.

Take your ground game to the next level:

The heavier bike follows the contours of the ground more closely: You'll roll over obstacles you might have jumped on a conventional mountain bike. You'll also drop more quickly when you jump.

On an e-MTB, more weight also means more traction. Having that advantage can be useful when you hold contact in places where your pedal-only bike used to skid. Regardless of how you view it, it's something to consider during your ride.

Stay Safe

Regardless of our age, most of us are concerned about the state of our appearance, wanting our skin to look young and fresh. It is obvious that clothing helps to conceal your age, but the best way is to take care of your body and any exposed skin while riding. Nowadays, there is no shortage of stylish helmets that are well ventilated and have pads that prevent sweat from dripping down your face.

A full-finger glove provides additional protection in the event of a crash. Even though growing old won't be glamorous, at least take the necessary precautions to ensure you can age comfortably!

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