S-Electro e-Bike Battery Efficiency

You have just bought yourself a new S-Electro e-bike or currently have one and want to know more about this e-bike trend.

There is no secret that e-bikes have changed the world of cycling. It allows more people, even kids to experience the fun of pedalling. May you be a frequent commuter or a fitness beginner. This has become very popular for fitness and transport worldwide. But how well do you know your S-Electro e-bike?

Here are some most commonly asked questions about the range we sell.

How far can you go on an electric bike?

The range of your e-bike is mainly dependent on the battery capacity, and the current drawn from the motor. Factors such as overall weight, terrain roughness, road gradient and even climate can influence your range. 

As an example, assuming neutral conditions, a 500Wh battery will last 2 hours, for a motor that is drawing 250W continuously, at a constant speed of 25km/h. Therefore a theoretical range of 50km. 

It is important to note the difference between theoretical range and actual range. The actual range will almost always be more than the theoretical range, because of varying assistance levels, exceeding the support speed and other factors.

How long do e-bike batteries last?

E-Bike batteries have a limited number of charge cycles, usually about 1000. The battery capacity starts to deteriorate over time. 

Do electric bikes charge when you pedal? 

No, there is no regenerative charging function at this time. 

S-Electro e-Bike battery efficiency

How often should you charge an e-bike battery?

Ensure the battery is charged adequately before intended use. 

Can I upgrade my e-bike battery?

E-Bike batteries are often framed specific, and would generally only be compatible with the original battery type. In some instances range extenders are available, that will increase your overall battery capacity. 

How many miles will I get from my battery?

E-Bike batteries have a limited number of charge cycles, usually about 1000. The battery capacity starts to deteriorate over time. 

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How to look after and store lithium batteries?

Do not use a high-pressure washer to clean your e-bike. Avoid spraying water directly on the electrical components, instead, use a damp rag to clean off electrical parts. The electrical terminals are insulated, and have the appropriate IP rating, for normal use and riding conditions. 

Remove the charger once the battery has reached 100% charge.

Your e-bike should be stored in a completely dry area, between the temperatures of 0°C and 20°C. For prolonged storage, ensure a minimum charge of 30%, and consider removing the battery from the e-bike. 


e-Bike TIPS:

  • Use the correct mode at the right time
  • Do not use a jet wash
  • Check your battery charge, well in advance of intended use.
  • Try to deplete the battery, before a full recharge, to get the most of the life cycles.
  • A clean bike is an efficient bike, chain lubricant goes a long way in smooth operation



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