Get Your Bike Summer Ready!

Longer days and hotter days. That can only mean one thing! Bike trips into the countryside!

When last have you cycled? Is your bike still in hibernation with a rusty chain?  Read these few steps to get ready for summer!

CLEANING: Washing your bike by hand may be the best but slow progress, where water pressure may remove the dirt quicker, but it will also remove oil and grease. Find a care range product that removes stubborn dirt but also cleans your components.

LUBRICATION: Keeping everything smooth will help keep your components healthy. Rest = Rust!

When last have you checked your brakes? You want to make sure you also check your derailleurs, bearings, chainrings, gear & brake cables to make sure everything is running smoothly.


TIP: Take extra care when it comes to your bicycle chain. Peddling shouldn’t feel like effort. High quality oils will be needed. All chain lube comes with an applicator which allows you for easy clean and oiling.

TYRES PRESSURE: Everyone loves and needs an air pressure. These tools will determine the lifespan on your tyres and its best protection against punctures.

Alternatively, you can use the AIRSPY compact lightweight tyre sensors. You would want to know if you are riding with optimum tyre pressure. This tool is so awesome – it links with all Garmin Bicycle Computers or any smart phone using the SKS MY BIKE app.

INFLATING: We suggest you use a floor pump with a pressure gauge when inflating your tyres. You will have control of the inflation of your tyres.

Tip: When inflating your tyres, make sure that the valve is in the 12 o’clock position. This ensures that the unused valve opening is closed.

SCREW CONNECTIONS: Lastly, you need to make sure all the screws are tight. This can be done in a flash.

Check out this tool!

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