Why indoor training is key to your career

Indoor training and racing has transformed the cycling world, and, while there are a number of platforms to get the job done – read these few points to understand what smart trainer are all about.

May it be by choice or not, but many of us are fairly forced to spend more time indoor due to how the worlds circumstances has changed.

Sometimes you just need to quickly get some high-quality training in – now is the best time to slip it in during your lunch break.


Spend less time rushing to meet the peeps, or cleaning your bike before or after. Here are a few tips to improve your health, speed and endurance on the bike without going outside.

  • Snow? Rain? Or Wind? No more environmental excuses and more time to focus on your goals al year.
  • Stay focus – as the air may be fresher out side and the picturesque view may just suck you in – smart trainers will keep you notified when to train and to hit the gas a little harder.
  • Improvement – we all need a push or a reminder what you are actually focusing on. Indoor training platforms will help you not only on your fitness but your race techniques, like glute activation and hand placements and more.
  • Now that we may be home more than often – it seems like there may be no time. Indoor training gives you way of doing a lot of training in a short period.
  • No mechanicals – sounds great ey? Indoor training opens a whole new world of cycling. A journey focused on you and your watts.
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