Bike Packing: Solo on his Sola


Go far beyond the tar and deep into the countryside for a great backpacking adventure. Into the scenic farmlands, dusty routes and welcoming pedestrians for a truly memorable ride.

Christoff Els, a final year Psychology student, decided it was time to escape the hustle in the pursuit of some quiet time. He shares some thoughts of his simple care-free trip, along with some vibrant images capturing the adventure.

Els has had his Silverback SOLA 1 for 5 years and is proud to say she has never let him down. “It was still a challenge for my training has been very inconsistent for the past 2 months,” adds Christoff.

“Adventure to me is a sense that everyone perceives differently and for me, that sense is getting outside and doing something unconventionally awesome and letting your curiosity guide you. Whatever is unconventionally cool for you, that is your adventure “

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Ready for adventure

Silverback Sola 1

More thrilling parts of bike packing adventures is finding a sleep spot alongside a gravel road. “ I would find myself in an area consisting of many hills – three quarters up the nearest hill is where the thermal belt is (this is a sweet spot where hot air is trapped between 2 pockets of cold air) you’ll be able to feel the difference, especially in the winter,” says Els.

Memorable moments

His most memorable moment was on his latest ride. He reached the end of a dirt road and hit a slight descent down a hill, when suddenly a herd of cattle appeared out of nowhere. 

“I slammed the brakes and pulled out my DSLR camera to snap a few shots. Unknowingly, I caused a traffic jam for the only car on the road! The cattle was startled by my approach and soon the owner appeared from the dust of his cattle. Looking like a ghost and I decided to give him some of my food to apologise for this small inconvenience,”
“From my journey, I have learned that it takes nothing to smile and greet someone. You may not see them again but when you pedal past someone after this kind phenomenon you will generally feel better”

Adventure is not only for the ‘adventure’. Sometimes the best adventure can be found close to home. Enter the world of bike packing, where every day can be an opportunity to hit the refresh button on your life.

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