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Stride Sport


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Benefits of 1x drivetrains

  1. Better - lighter shifting. The chain line directly relates to the shifting quality and lifetime of components. This position can be optimized for 1x systems.
  2. Simplicity. Single shifter is easier to get used to. Less thinking and more pedaling.
  3. Ease of Installation. 1x systems only have one cable, and less components, making installation easier and quicker.
  4. Weight. Shorter chain, single chainringa nd no front derailleur means that a 1x drivetrain can be significantly lighter than a 2x or 3x drivetrain. Lighter overall weight of the bicycle.
  5. Cleaning. Without a FD, the chain can be moved well away from the crank. This makes it easier to clean and less likely to build up mud.
  6. Chain retention. The clutch mechanism effectively lessens chain bounce over rough terrain. We use clutch rear derailleurs on all our adult 1x bikes.
  7. Chain retention. Narrow Wide chainring keeps chain in line and negates the need for a front chain device.
  8. Easier climbing. Major climbing advantages over 2x and 3x drivetrains.
  9. Aesthetics and Function. Bike design can more closely follow function, and intended design language without the additional complications and requirements that multi-chainring setups and front derailleurs present. This means better looking, better working bikes.
  10. Improved ground clearance. More ground clearance with a single chainring.
  11. Cleaner cockpit. With less shifters on the bar, the cockpit is cleaner and there are less cables to worry about.
  12. Maintenance. 1x systems are easier to maintain than 2x or 3x systems and parts are easier to find
  13. Wear and Maintenance. Availability of parts and spares - older systems are becoming more difficult to work on due to this. Yes, 1x is much simpler and easier to find parts for as well as easier and cheaper to maintain. Also less components to wear against, compared to FD changing gears.
  14. Frame design. Suspension platforms can be dialled in and perfectly tuned to a specific single chainring.
  15. Frame Design. No FD - means this area can be utilized for other elements or design features such as suspension pivots & geometry can be purpusefully optimized.
  16. Less chainrings = More space = More/bigger tyre clearance.
  17. Less noise ultimately means a more enjoyable ride.
  18. With less chainslap, the paint on your frame stays neater for longer.
  19. Component designers and manufacturers spend R&D money on the newest and most prominent tech - and so with 1x leading the charge - 2x and 3x systems are not getting any attention from an R&D perspective anymore, meaning that the tech is quickly becoming outdated compared to the newest 1x systems


Answering the most often asked 1x questions.

  1. Can I change my double/triple chainring to a single chainring setup?

    This should be possible on most bicycles, provided the crank spider has a suitable single speed chainring option. Ensure that the single chainring is an apropriate size for your riding and that it has suffcient frame clearance.
  2. Do I need a chain guide to run a single chainring?

    It depends on the terrain you plan on riding. Rougher terrain could benefit from running a chain guide. Narrow-wide chainrings and derailleur clutches have made it possible to run single chainring setups without a chain guide.
  3. What advantages are there to a single chainring setup?

    There is no possibility to cross-chain your drivetrain. Reduced movement of the chain increases the lifespan. Simplicity means reduction in components, weight and ease in cleaning.
  4. What do I need to know to change to a single chainring setup?

    Start by selecting an appropriate chainring size, that is compatible with your frame and crank. Consider your cassette size, and how the particular single chainring will influence your gear range.
  5. Do I need a new crankset for a single chainring setup?

    Possibly, double and especially triple chainring cranks have variable chain lines. Simply installing a single chainring on such a crank, can result in issues with shifting and chain retention.
  6. What is a narrow-wide chainring?

    Narrow-wide chainrings have alternating narrow and wide teeth profiles, this reduces chain bend and makes it less likely for the chain to drop from the chainring. Not all narrow-wide profiles are the same, and some have greater chain retention abilities while others may be quieter, however, all will remarkable reduce chain drops over uneven terrain.
  7. What is a derailleur clutch?

    Derailleur clutches aim to reduce chainslap and the resulting chain drop by holding the jockey wheel cage steady over rough terrain. Most derailleur clutches use a mechanism to increase the friction required to move the jockey cage.
  8. How do I turn my derailleur clutch on?

    Most derailleurs with clutches have an on/off switch somewhere on the derailleur - ensure that the clutch is "on". An exception to this is SRAM derailleurs which have an always on clutch.
  9. Why would I turn the derailleur clutch off?

    This should be possible on most bicycles, provided the crank spider has a suitable single speed chainring option. Ensure that the single chainring is an apropriate size for your riding and that it has suffcient frame clearance.
  10. Why do my gears change when I backpedal?

    This is not unusual or a problem on a 1x drivetrain.
  11. When I turn the clutch on my gears are harder to shift, or not set correctly, why?

    Having the clutch on may increase the lever force as you need to overcome increased friction in the derailleur cage (particularly when shifting into an easier gear), this is normal and part of the trade off of reduced chainslap and drops. It is important that the gears are set with the derailleur clutch "on", otherwise they may not shift correctly when it is switched on.
  12. Often, my chain drops at the same place. What is wrong?

    “There is likely a burr or deformation somewhere on the teeth of the drivetrain. Inspect your components thoroughly to see any obvious signs of damage on the drivetrain. Replacing the defective component, should resolve the chain dropping. If not resolved, your LBS (Local Bike Shop) should be able to assist you with the matter. "
  13. My chain drops, even when I am on smooth terrain. What is wrong?

    The cause can likely be from a stiff link in your chain. Set the chain in a straight chain line, and back pedal. A stiff link will make a 'click' sound when passing through the rear derailleur wheels. Lubricate and flex the chain to loosen the stiff link.
  14. There is a 'ticking' sound on my bike, what can I do?

    There are a number of reasons for strange sound on your bicycle. Your LBS are best geared to try and resolve audio anomolies on your bicycle.

Feature packed Sport MTB at a wallet friendly price

The Stride Sport is designed for the novice MTB rider. A wide range 1x8 speed MICROshift drivetrain fitted to the excellent Stride hydro formed alloy frame takes care of shifting. Full internal routing on the Sport, tubeless ready wheels, an integrated kickstand mount, tapered headset and progressive trail geometry sets the Sport apart.

1x drivetrain

Silverback fits 1x drivetrains to as many bikes as we can. 1x offers less maintenance, is more intuitive to use and offers a wider gear range than 3x groupsets. We spec our 32t 1x N/W chainrings in favour of climbing prowace, over flat terrain top speed. Everyone can benefit from easier climbing.

Pop geometry

Position of Power -Geometry designed to engage bigger muscle groups in pedalling, producing more power output for the same amount of input. Longer frame places the rider forward, in a more balanced position, improving grip on the rear on climbs and on the front on descents. A longer wheelbase and slacker head angle means more control at speed.


Alloy frame

Higher volume tyres

Internal routing

Suspension fork

Disc brakes

Dropper post compatible

Rack and Fender mounts

Tubeless ready wheels

1x drivetrain

Kickstand mount

Pop geometry


  1. Trickle down adapted POP geometry means that the Stride Sport places the rider in a more balanced position. This engages bigger muscle groups when climbing and provides more balance, more traction, grip and control.
  2. The hydro formed frame is lightweight and features a tapered headtube, full internal routing and a top end fit and finish.
  3. 1x drivetrain simplifies the use of gears and de-clutters the handlebars, makes for easier and cheaper maintenance and sheds some weight off the bike. We fit a 32t front chainring to aid easier climbing as opposed to higher flat ground top speeds. Everyone can do with easier climbing.
  4. Stride Sport is fitted with a 100mm suspension fork, great for explorer off the beaten track.
  5. All strides come with disc brakes. Disc brakes offer dependable all weather performance over rim brakes.
  6. The Stride Sport also makes a great touring or commuting bike, even for winter riding, featuring rack and fender mounts as well as a kickstand mount.


Hydro formed alloy Frame

Hydro-formed 6061 Alloy frame The Stride features a class leading frame. Trickle-down technology means that the new frame benefits from our leading platforms. The frame tubes are hydro-formed into complex shapes to increase strength and stiffness, minimizing weight and excess material use. All Stride frames are now internal dropper post ready.

Responsive Short chainstays

Short chainstays coupled with Pop geometry means that the Stride is more nimble through corners, yet retains overall stability.

Suspension fork

Stride Sport is fitted with a purpose chosen 100mm suspension fork. A suspension fork improves comfort and traction on a hardtail mountain bike.

Surface Alloy control parts

All Stride bicycles are fitted with quality alloy control parts.This means less weight, and more durability - for many happy trails. Similarly brand name components are chosen for durability and function, meaning that your Stride offers worry free ownership.

Tubeless ready

Surface Wheels pre taped at the factory and are tubeless ready from the box and Stride even comes with tubeless valves in the box. Easy to set up, just add sealant and inflate to seat.

Disc brakes

All strides come with disc brakes and the Sport is fitted with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. Disc brakes offer dependable all weather performance over rim brakes.

Accessory compatibility

Stride frames are rack, fender and internal router dropper post compatible. Easily set it up for what you need!


CranksetSurface alloy 32T
CassetteMICROshift 8s, 12-42T, Black, Steel ED Black
Rear DerMICROshift 8/9spd, Active Motion RD+ w/ clutch, Direct Cable Pull Design, for WIDE RANGE
ShiftersMICROshift Xpress 1 x 8spd, w/ optical gear indicator
Bottom BracketCartridge BB
ForkSR Suntour XCE28 , 100mm travel
HubsShimano Centerlock TX505, 32h, F: 100 x 9mm QR, R: 135mm x 10 QR (8/9/10spd)
RimsSurface Symmetrical Double wall alloy, 23mm Internal Width, Tubeless Ready
TyresCST C1820 2.35", Wire bead
SeatpostAlloy 30.9mm, micro adjust, black
SaddleSurface Ergo, Steel Rails
HandlebarAlloy, Oversize. 9deg backsweep, 5deg rise
StemAlloy 31.8MM Oversize, 10deg rise
FrameNew Frame, Updated Geometry and Hydroformed tubing, Tapered headtube, 6061 Alloy, full length internal routing, replaceable derailleur hanger, integrated mount for 40mm direct-mount 2-bolt kickstand
Brake setTektro MD-M275 Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Centerlock SM-RT10 180/160mm rotors
Weight15.55kg (including pedals 370g)
Weight Limit120kg
Travel100mm - combined weight of bike and rider (including all kit). 

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of bike manufacturing, specification & finishes, component availability and price may be subject to change without prior written notification. Also images may not match final specifications due to component availability.

Due to Covid-related scheduling and component availability challenges, bike specifications are subject to change without notice. Specifications may not be exactly what is shown in the photo.


Proper bike fit is as important as getting the right bike for the job. Long term comfort and performance can be greatly improved with the right size bike. This acts as a guide only, so if you are unsure, please visit your Silverback reseller to be professionally measured and sized for the perfect fit.



  • I am keen to start MTB riding. Is the Stride Sport a good place to start looking?

    Yes, the Stride is designed to get you into MTB riding. The geometry design and component choices are intended to make for a very competent value MTB, perfect for an entry into the sport.

  • Can I fit a 140mm Pike to my Stride?

    No you can not. You can however fit up to a 120mm fork on your Stride. 140mm would put too much stress on the headtube. This could lead to frame failure, and voids your warranty.

  • Is the Stride a good dirt jump bike?

    The Stride is designed as an enthusiast sport MTB platform - this translates to XC and light trails. Not designed for dirt jumping.

  • Can I fit a dropper on my Stride?

    Yes, your frame is internal dropper post ready.

  • The maximum tyre size on the Stride range is 2.35" on the rear tyre.

    The maximum tyre size on the Stride range is 2.35" on the rear tyre.

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