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Scarosso Frame


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Questioning aerodynamic convention

The Scarosso questions aerodynamic conventions, and the demands of a modern racing bike. The frame and fork are design and engineered around the rider, with an emphasis on performance, aerodynamics, capability and comfort. These factors are holistically integrated to offer a complete streamline weapon. Scarosso is every bit capable, as it is fast. With tyre clearance up to 32C, it caters for a wide range of rider applications. Speed is only as good as it can be controlled, which is why disc-brakes are the obvious performance solution to enable the Scarosso. Disc brakes offer all-weather capability, is powerful yet consistent and predictable.

Superior Aerodynamic characteristics

The Scarosso is set apart from the competition by its leading-edge; attributed to the Scarosso AID (Aerodynamic-Identity) Fork. CFD Analysis indicate turbulence regions present at the chainwheel, caused by the cadence of the rider, resulting in parasitic drag.

Proprietary Frame Construction / Material

Scarosso is manufactured in a tailored process and layup schedule. Constructed through expanded polystyrene (EPS) moulding. Preform moulding allows precise, uniform (wrinkle-free) and repeatable execution of the lay-up schedule. Uniform fibers increase strength reducing irregularities.










  1. With Speedlab's SBC customisation program - you can build the bike you want to ride!
  2. The Scarosso frame offers streamline integration - all components as well as rider considered in aerodynamic optimisation.
  3. Pedal efficient geometry means that you use less input for a similar output, or similar input for greater power delivery - going further per pedal stroke. This geometry is also ergonomically optimised.
  4. UCI accreditation means this is ready for any race you want to enter.
  5. Super stiff and rigid frame design - when putting the power down, you don't want any unnecessary flex, but you do want comfort - Scarosso offers both.
  6. Thru axles front and rear makes for quick wheel changes, and is more secure once in place.


Drivetrain compatibility: Wireless and wired compatible

Scarosso frameset is compatible with Wireless, E-Wire and Mechanical groupsets. For the absolute sleek racing weapon, SRAM AXS or E-Tap is a no fuss fit. The electronic junction box for either SHIMANO Di2 EW-RS910 or EW90, with battery BT-DN110 in located within the down tube. Alternatively, the CAMPGNOLO EPS V4 Interface and Power Unit are mounted in the same location. E-Wire and mechanical groupset cable routing is full internal, regardless of the platform or generation of groupset. No matter your preference, Scarosso is more than capable of the demands.

SBC carbon Seatpost and Integrated seatclamp

Scarosso's seatpost is a thing of beauty. This highly-aero mast is securely locked in place with an integrated seatclamp.

Scarosso geometry

Scarosso geometry places the rider in the optimal position for power transfer to the pedals while riding in the most aero efficient posture. This position is then ergonomically enhanced and fine tuned for a good balance of aerodynamic efficiency, comfort and performance.

Scarosso AID Fork

Scarosso AID Fork reduces parasitic drag by implementing the Tubercle Effect, a phenomenon where ‘bumps’ are placed on the leading edge of an aerofoil to improve the aerodynamic flow. Passive Aerodynamic flow control surfacing

Streamline Integrated Components

Scarosso design and engineering focused on reducing the interference drag, present between the frame and components. The cable routing is fully internal, only exposed at the exit of the respective component. The stem is recessed into the top tube, inducing the minimum air disturbance. Aerodynamic advances include the top tube and down tube aerocurves, that guide the airflow over the profiles. The front and rear wheel are tucked close to the frame, to induce smooth air transition between components.

Thru Axle dropouts

Front and rear thru axle dropouts makes wheel removal very quick and greatly stiffens up the frame and fork for both improved steering and power transfer to the rear wheel. The thread on both front and rear dropouts are interchangeable.

UCI accredited Frame and fork

SILV-SCAR-RD Scarosso is UCI approved and accredited. "all new models of frames and forks used by licence holders in road (RD), time trial (TT), track (TR) and cyclo-cross (CX) events must be approved on the basis of the Approval Protocol for Frames and Forks available from the UCI website. Approval by the UCI certifies that the new equipment meets the shape requirements set out in the UCI regulation. The use of approved models is permitted in competition from the date of approval. The use of approved frames and forks remains subject to Article 1.3.007"


FrameScarosso Carbon road Frame, Passive Aerodynamic Control, Matte with 3K Twill finish, 100x12mm Front and 142x12mm Rear
ForkScarosso AID Passive Aerodynamic Control, Matte 3K Twill Finish, 100x12mm (fork shown under the heading: STEERING)
Frame Weight 1353g, size 56cm
Fork Weight 464g (full length steerer)
Scarosso Seat Post Weight230 g
Handlebar Weight 332g, 420mm width
Stem Weight180g,  90mm

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of bike manufacturing, specification & finishes, component availability and price may be subject to change without prior written notification. Also images may not match final specifications due to component availability.

Due to Covid-related scheduling and component availability challenges, bike specifications are subject to change without notice. Specifications may not be exactly what is shown in the photo.


Proper bike fit is as important as getting the right bike for the job. Long term comfort and performance can be greatly improved with the right size bike. This acts as a guide only, so if you are unsure, please visit your Silverback reseller to be professionally measured and sized for the perfect fit.


map type(mm unless specified) S M L XL
Rider height(cm) 154-162 162-172 172-180 180-192
Rider inseam(cm) 70-73 73-78 78-82 82-87
A Seat tube c/t 487 507 527 547
B Seat tube angle 74 73.5 73 73
C Head tube angle 73 73 73.5 73.5
D Top Tube 537 547 565 582
E Reach 387 387 395 400
F Chainstay length 405 405 405 405
G bb height 267 267 267 267
H head tube length 120 140 160 190
I stack 525 544.2 565 593.8
J standover 762 782 801 825
K Wheelbase 970 975 985 1000


  • Can I mount a pannier rack on my Scarosso?

    No, Scarosso is a thoroughbred, and not a hybrid commuter.

  • What size will fit my 1.8m tall build?

    See the 'Find your fit' tab for size guides. If unsure, contact us with your dimensions and we will suggest the right bike for you. Alternatively, make an appointment with SL and come see us for a proper fit.

  • I am a lady, will this be a good ladies bike?

    Yes, use our size guide to choose a frame that will fit your length.

  • Can I run this as a "moonlight" gravel grinder if I have a second wheelset with gravel tyres on it?

    Theorecically, if your tyre sizes fit - yes. Would we recommend it - nope. The frame is designed for road, and the clearances between front tyre and DT as well as rear tyre and ST are all meant to be tight - meaning if any stones or mud gets in there, it will damage your frame. And warranty would be void.


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