About us.


Speedlab was founded with a rebellious [Disruptive] spirit and a clear Goal:

To offer designer cycling brands at revolutionary prices, while leading the way for a socially conscious businesses , and inspiring a healthy , fun, fit lifestyle.

We wanted a better way for the customer. So we created One. To provide the best cycling Experiences for all.

A Singular, Exciting shop concept full of affordable, fun and exciting products. Available wherever [Our stores or partner stores] and whenever [ on our Speedlab.shop]


To offer the Right Product at the Right Place & Price for the right people and the right purpose. A lifestyle Brand/Social Mission, making a difference to others by offering Value & Service to elevate the human experiences.

Right Product. We travel the earth to design and develop , to select and Carefully curate product ,that we passionately believe to be the best in each class. Product of Quality, Design and a great value Proposition. We are not a Site/Store that offers any and all product, we believe in offering less but best.

Right Place. A vision to bring great product & people together with an experience created through our Integrated Retail concept -our [Site&Store.].

Right People. Our Team is full of diversity and talent all with one goal– to create innovative and Bespoke product and designs to enhance your riding quality.

Right Purpose. We are about Re-inventing and Re-imagining everything. To elevate man and his machine [His Bicycle].


- Quality, unique, exclusive BESPOKE Product.

- Affordability. 

- Accessibility & Convenience. 

- Simplicity.

- Service.

- Speed.


- Ship worldwide

- Site Security  

- Ready to Ride  

- 0% Bike Finance. *[Select Countries Only]

- Lifetime Warranty

- Safe Shopping

- Secure Payment

- Fast Delivery