Traveling with your bicycle

You and your bike are travelers at heart. What if you want to explore places with your bike and not travel via bike?

Well, traveling with your bicycle is not a problem at all. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when traveling via plane or train. 

Check out these steps the next time you are going traveling.

1. Taking your bike on a train or plane:

When booking your ticket to your destinations, always inform the consultant that you will be bringing a bike along. The amount may vary from free of charge to over 100 euros.

2. The Weight Limit:

If you are traveling via train you have nothing to worry about, but if you are flying the weight varies between 23 – 32Ks. So it is very important to double-check the weight and to know if you should put it in a bag or a box.

3. Bike Bag VS Bike Box:

All airlines require you to put your bike in some kind of protective box or case. Which one do you choose:

BIKE BAG: A bag makes things a little easier because you can wheel it around but on the other hand, it is heavier.

BIKE BOX: This is the cheaper options but makes it a little difficult to carry

Traveling with your bicycle

4. How do I pack my bike?

With a bike bag, they have designed the bike bag in a way that it is already prepared for you, there is protection for your forks, derailleur, wheels, etc. All to fasten it safely with Velcro.

Step 1: Pedals needs to come off

Step 2: Remove your wheels and slip them into their allocated slots but if you want to be extra careful, use a piece of cardboard between the brakes the brake pads and rear in case your brake levers accidentally get pushed during your travel.

Step 3: Take off your derailleur and tie it to the frame to protect it.

Step 4: Simply unscrew the stem’s front plate which holds the bards in place. Step 5: Strap the bag securely so that everything stays in place

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And a Box?

This will take more time to pack your bike box. The box comes with no straps, so make sure everything is packed tight. Remove all components. Use bubble wrap to protect the frame, fork, handlebars & derailleur.

TIPS: Pack your little tool case.

Traveling with your bicycle

Traveling by vehicle:

Which car rack to choose? If you’d rather transport your bike on a rack, you’ll need some more serious preparation.

Roof racks Pros:

• Do not impede access to the trunk

• Bikes stay cleaner than on trunk racks, especially during rain


• Inconvenient to mount

• Can change the car's steering and wind behavior

Trunk racks Pros:

• Generally cost less than roof racks

• Lower wind resistance, therefore less influence on steering and fuel consumption Cons:

• Depending on your car and rack type, may prevent access to the trunk

Take your best buddy with you wherever you go. Nowadays traveling, they have made things easier for you to travel with. All you need is good preparation and you are good to go on your next cycling adventure.

Traveling with your bicycle

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