Things you wish you knew when you started cycling

Whether you have learned from experience or it's been passed on to you by other cyclists, there are a couple of things we all wish we knew when we started.

Getting low on a climb

You are on the trail and you approach a hill. You put down some power but as it starts getting steeper, your back wheel starts to spin, and soon you are standing still. You end up having to push up the hill.

As soon as you start to climb, bend your elbows, and get your chest closer to the top tube. Shifting your weight forward helps evenly distribute your weight and prevents you from lifting up the front end of the bike.


Know your gears

Watch a couple of YouTube videos and get an idea of how the mechanism works. Having a basic knowledge of a gear system will help you use your gears more efficiently and ensure your drivetrain last longer. It's very little effort that will go a long way.

Learn the basics

You don’t need to be a mechanic to do the basics. Learn to change a tube or plug a puncture in a tubeless system. It's so simple and it can save you an walk home with silly shoes on.

Check out this GMBN Tech video that shows how to repair a tubeless tyre. 


Be prepared

Always carry some cash with you. It can be handy to barter a lift if you are stuck somewhere, you can use it as a tyre boot, or just buy a coke if you have run out of energy on a ride. Just stick a couple of bucks in your tool kit and leave it there for a rainy day.


3 Investments you need to make

  1. Decent bibs. They can be expensive, but you will never regret investing in a good pair of bibs. Not only do they last longer but chaffing on a long ride is torture.
  2. Get fitted. Go to a professional and get fitted on your bike as soon as possible. It will save a lot of pain and aches down the line.
  3. Invest in a good saddle. Make sure you have a saddle that is right for your body type.

Never ride alone

We all do it, but it just isn’t a good idea. Riding on our own might be easier but accidents happen. Always ride with a partner.

No helmet. No ride

As mentioned in the point above, accidents happen, and they usually happen in the silliest places. Do not get on your bike without a helmet. Make sure your helmet, sits properly on your head and has no damage to it whatsoever. This tip could save your life!

Support local

But you never know when you are going to need them. So regularly pop by your local bike shop even if it is just for a cup of coffee or a bottle of bike wash.


Tell us what you learnt the hard way

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Things you wish you knew when you started cycling

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