Maintenance | How to clean your drivetrain

It is best to keep your chain clean and lube to extend the life of your bicycle drivetrain.

This can all be done from the comfort of your own home with basic supplies and knowledge.

This can seem very strenuous, but this is a key component that transfer power from cranks to your rear wheel as well as housing your gears.

The drivetrain is put under continuous strain and is always exposed to other elements over time.

How often should you clean your drive train?

This should be done on frequent basis because leaving it till to squeak will decrease its longevity. If you a mountain bike rider you will find yourself cleaning it after every trail ride.


Important Equipment:

  • Drivetrain cleaner
  • Detailing or an old toothbrush
  • Old clothes or sponges
  • A Hosepipe


Follow these steps and see how easy it is to maintain your chain properly.


Keep your rear wheel off the floor and a bike repair stand will be very handy with doing this job. Start to wipe any large clumps of dirt and oil away from your wheels, cassette and front chainrings. 


Use any degreaser, drivetrain cleaner to help breakdown old dirt.


Use your brush at hand and give your chain a good scrub to rinse any remaining grease/oil while brushing.


After all the dirt and oil has been removed, use your normal bike cleaner to rinse off any remaining dirt with your brush.


Easy right? Make sure to listen out for any creaks and squeaks, which is a sign that your chain needs love

Now that you’re trained in the art of chain maintenance, be sure to keep an eye out for creaks and squeaks. These could be signs that your chain needs a little love. And if you ride regularly, remember to clean, and lube your chain at least once a month. If you like exploring off-road and getting your bike muddy, you should clean it even more than that. Happy trails!

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