How to Install Tubeless Tires With SPEEDKIT Tubeless Kit

Tubeless tires have become quite popular, especially in mountain bike, cyclocross and fat bike tire biking. They give great traction because they can be run at a low air pressure without the risk of pinching and flattering an inner tube.

Additionally, the sealant inside can provide protection from punctures, giving your a more maintenance-free ride.

If you are new to tubeless, we highly recommend you check out this video below to help you upgrade the wheels on your bicycle.

Regardless of what type of wheel you're working on, the installation process is the same.


  • Tire levers
  • Air compressor
  • SPEEDKIT Tubeless Kit (enough for two wheels)
  • Rags to remove old sealant
  • Soapy water to lubricate the tight beads

Remove the tire - make sure to deflate the tire fully. The push both sides of the tire towards the centre of the rim to loosen the bead from against the rim sidewall. Now you can use your tire levers to remove the tire from the rim. Now wipe clean the bead sear area of the rim.

Your rim may be sealed with tape already, we advise removing the manufacturer tape and reapplying the SPEEDKIT Rim tape.

Check the valve is secure in the rim. Also, check for any arrows on the sidewalls of the tire for the direction of the wheel rotation. Now Align the tire with the rim accordingly. Lastly, start to install the bead at the valve and leave a portion on the bead uninstalled.

Pour the sealant into the wheel and slowly rotate the wheel to keep the fluid at the bottom while your unmounted bead comes to the top. Now finish installing the bead.

Now inflate the tire to at least the maxim pressure on the label. Keep rotating to distribute the sealant equally.

Now that you are tubeless-ready, we would still recommend you carry a spare tube, there are the possibilities of your tire getting a slash or hole in it that may be to large for the sealant to seal.



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