Bikepacking With Kids


Bikepacking isn’t just about epic adventures with friends. It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time with your family. Even more, share life-formed experiences.

I knew my wife and kids were strong enough to go on a backpacking trip, “I needed proof of the concept,” adds Damien. He found a route that is far away enough from home for it to feel like a real holiday. Not to difficult, and with a beautiful landscape.

Nantes to Les Sables d’Olonne of France seemed to me to be the appropriate route for a first backpacking adventure with the kids,”Yes, let’s do it,” said my wife.

family and kids bike packing
The Dobucki Family from France.


Whilst Damien Dobucki always desired to go on a family backpacking holiday and his wife keen for any adventure, he knew that his 8-year-old daughter would be keen and would need to do a little convincing with his son.

The industrial designer from France got himself and his wife a Fatbike with tubeless wheels that could float over any kind of terrain and remain comfortable.

“My wife and I both have 2017 Silverback Scoop bikes,” says Damien. He has a Scoop Single and his wife has a Scoop Delight which are capable for any platform. The Scoop range is a world-wide favorite amongst fat bike enthusiasts. 

silverback fat bike
Silverback Scoop Range

After 6 hours of driving, before the trip started to Le Pellerin. They set up the bikes and attached the Peruzzo Trail Angel Towing Bar to his wife’s Scoop Delight for everyone to cycle in total safety and tranquility.

The quadruple planned to bike for seven days from Nantes to Les Sables d’Olonne, France. After 6 hours of driving, they started their trip in Le Pellerin just outside of Nantes. The routes are wandering between jagged coastlines and sandy coves.

fat bike adventure

The first 60km out of 225km allowed the family to reach the Lorie River Estuary with its calm and wild landscapes. The kids enjoyed the beaches and were happy to take a break at any open space they could enjoy.


The paths of the scenic route lead them to enjoy the view over Noirmoutier Island. The island is protected by dikes and polders.

Their fourth day was the hardest, no wind, no vegetation for miles and many “forbidden camping” spots for 30km.

Once they arrived in Les Sables d’Olonne, the family took off two days to relax

Their Scoops had really helped them in rocky and sandy terrains. They were very satisfied with their versatile bikes.

“Everyone was happy after the trip. We will do it again. Further, but my wife is not keen on another night in a Bivouac,” he chuckled.

Damien suggests that the key success for a family cycling adventure is time spent off the bike if you are hoping for a long and fruitful bikepacking future.


  1. Prepare your kids.
  2. Think safety first.
  3. Pack light.
  4. Take many breaks.
  5. Bring some “fun” things.
  6. Start a small dream big!

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