Fat bike are hard to ride!

Today we will explain why that may not be the case. As a frequent rider you will have your opinion on fat bikes  - some may consider them the greatest bikes for all-round bikes or they too hard to pedal.

They are not difficult to ride because…

Okay we understand that a fat bike looks like it comes with some serious weight and looks extremely far from nimble in appearance.


Let us lay down the facts for you:

Any Weather:

Fat bikes are made for almost any weather condition. These bikes definitely provide a safer rider on wet or snowy conditions. From Bumpy terrain or off-road trails, it all comes down to the structure of the tire.

Fat tires allow for even distribution of the bike and riders weight.

Perfect for Off-Road riding:

The top spot is no longer occupied for the best go-to off road expeditions. It is mainly due to the tire’s ability to climb over random off-road objects effortlessly than otherwise cause discomfort.


Comfortable to Ride:

Yes, this is not your ideal bike for your next race but where it lacks in speed it makes up for it in comfort. The set up of these bikes are more relaxed which gives the rider assurance that the ride is more  a comfortable riding experience.

Takes a Minimal Toll on the Body:

If you are an older rider, a fat bike will help you to exercise with out feeling any discomfort or pain.

Yes, it will not eliminate the chances of getting hurt, but they will give you great stability and will not give the cyclist as many jarring experiences.


The Bike for All Terrains:

Before making judgement, you have to remember that these are all-terrain bikes.

So to wrap up, you have to give it a chance before you judge. We all know road bikes and mountain bikes are the preferred bikes – but fat bikes are becoming popular.

They are perfect for people who want to have one bike to ride in many different areas around town. Anyone who punctures tires rather easily might also consider saving some money and going with a more durable option.

Make sure to sample one out and see what all the hype is about. There are some very affordable options that have great components and are light in weight.

It is still a little rare to find fatlike on the road, but they are becoming a little more prevalent. Give one or two a chance, and see if it is possibly a good fit going forward.


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