Bicycle Mudguards Buying Guide:

Which mudguards are right for you?

It is one of those bicycle components that has nothing exciting to it but when you are out and about on a dirty wet road or trails – your crew will be happy that you have them. It will help you keep yourself clean and your biker cleaner.

With so many different kinds on the market from road to mountain bikes and for commuters, it is hard to make a choice.

Here is a closer look of the mudguards that we stock at

SPEEDKIT – Mudgaurd:


This is the are the simplest and lightest solution you'll find, with the best coverage for maximum mud stop effect.

Quick-release design on rear mudguard is designed to fit a ø25 ~ 38mm seat post.

Length adjustable, twist-knob rear bridge to fit up to 29" wheel. (40mm free adjusting range)

Fit 2.25" tyre width.

SKS Germany Bluemels 75 Long Mudguard Set

A clip-on mudguard is a quick fix, with a decent amount of protection from rain and mud. Simply clip onto your seat post or front fork.

Enjoy cycling in any weather. The SKS BLUEMELS 75 U Long fender covers tyre widths up to 65 mm. Proprietary construction, in which super-fine aluminum strips are embedded in a matte black plastic coating make these mudguards extremely durable, resistant to bending and UV damage. The LONG version offers even more protection and can also be fitted at the bottom bracket area.

SKS Nightblade 29 zoll 27,5+:

Best protection with high luminosity! The NIGHTBLADE MTB mudguard for the rear wheel is an enlightening example of integrated bicycle solutions. It not only provides optimal splash protection the NIGHTBLADE also ensures greater safety in road traffic from the integrated rear light (German Highways Traffic Act approved).

The rear light with integrated rechargeable battery can be removed and charged with a USB connection.





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