7 Signs Your Bike Needs a Service

At this point, you're probably thinking, "Maybe I need to service my bike," or you're running through a few quotes in your head to justify why you may not need one. Although bikes are easier to maintain, you should have your bike serviced at least once a year.

Is your bike making a funny sound? Are your gears not shifting smoothly?

To help you figure out if you need a service, we have created a short list for you to find out if you may need a bike service as soon as possible.

  1. Do you need to pump your wheels before every ride?

You may experience punctures on your Saturday morning ride and lose some sealant in the process. When you have tubeless wheels and do not ride for a long time, the sealant evaporates in the wheel. Therefore, you should top up the sealant

   2. Is your bike making a funny sound while riding?

There will be no end to the sound. We have all had days when we wish the sound would cease. But it won't. From a squeaky BB to worn pedals, or maybe a pivot problem. You need to give your bike some TLC.

  1. Wintertime.

This is the perfect time to bring your bike in for a soft service.

  1. Your chain's wear at 50%

Your drivetrain needs to be inspected immediately. In order to increase the longevity of your drivetrain and have a longer lifespan for your cassette and blades, we recommend you replace it.

  1. Gears shifts not smooth? 

This is the most complicated feature of the gearing system. Nevertheless, you will receive many warnings when something is wrong. When you apply gas to the pedal, listen out for loud clunks and uninvited gearshifts. We suggest you fix this problem as soon as possible.

  1. Your brakes are not slowing you down in time!

Whether you ride on the road, mountain, or gravel, your brakes are the most essential part of your bicycle. In the event of brake failure, your stopping distance will decrease if this is happening to you. It is best to take action asap.

   7. Your adjustable seat isn't as adjustable as it used to be!

Deterioration of a bike is not always catastrophic or dangerous. Sometimes, it is just annoying. An example of one such issue is your bike seat. If you try adjusting it for the first time in a while and it doesn’t budge, it’s probably time for a service. While this is not paramount, it can be indicative of your bike’s overall condition. To eliminate the guesswork and take it in for a service. At the very least you can get your bike seat adjusted for you.

7 Signs your Bike Needs a Service



PICK UP and DROP OFF service just for 49.00  (NATIONWIDE) 

if you do not have the carton to ship your bike, not a problem, we will send you a new carton to pack your bike for 19.00

Wheels & Tires:

Spoke change rear wheel to 3 spokes €25,00

Change tube / rear wheel incl. Material €25.00


Maintenance & adjustment of the gear €19.00 

Complete brakes service (brake pads & cable housing material incl) €49.00

Disc brake bleed €49.00 


Chain change including material €15.00 


E Bike small inspection after 500 - 1000 km €49.00 

Final Assembly of the E MTB (bikes purchased online or somewhere else) 69 euros 

Battery charging 10.00 

Troubleshooting 15.00

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7 Signs your Bike Needs a Service


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